Thursday, June 25, 2009

Torn-Up House

I apologize in advance for this post, I think it'll be really boring for everyone except my Dad!

So we've commissioned a friend and former BC classmate - Tim - and his landscaping company to work on the exterior of the house - specifically, to shore up the crumbling corners of the garage, replace bricks in the stairway, reinforce a retaining wall and repave the main walkway.

This is what the walkway looked like when I got home tonight - Andrew's side of the stairs and most of the walkway are in pieces! Luckily, the little patch in the front of the door and my side of the stairs was intact:

This is the corner where Tim and his crew found a big of hive of black and white bees - that's right, black and white. Andrew had been noticing random bees for weeks, and even Andrew's dad Tom noticed them when he was visiting last weekend. Although Andrew had been diligently spraying down the crack in the walkway that the bees had been crawling into, it appears that there was a pretty sizable hive down there. Lucky for me, all the bee carcasses had been cleared away by the time I got home:
Taken earlier in the day, this is how nice the retaining wall looks now that the cracks have been fixed and the whole surface repaved:

Slowly but surely, the house is getting more presentable - if you ignore the weed-covered thing up front that passes as my front yard!

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