Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh, That's Why

...I never run.

I made the mistake of going for a run with Andrew today.

All my family members seem to love running except for me. My parents both jog - my Dad every day - in their early sixties. My sister runs as a part of her regular workouts. My uncle Rich runs and so does my cousin Andrew (cross country and track). In fact, we used to run in races (5K's) as a family when I was younger.

As my parents tell the story, I was running in one race when I was suddenly passed by a boy in my age group. Since I wasn't going to be in first place, I quit on the spot.

So if this was a story with a lesson to be learned at the end, I would've gone for my run - realized the joy I get from hitting the pavement even when I don't end up in first place - and start running seriously again.

Forget that! Running today reaffirmed how much I dislike it. I say this all the time but it's true - I'd rather walk 20 miles than run 5 miles. Or 2 miles. Walking briskly, I get a workout while having time to survey my surroundings and sort out my thoughts. Running today, I was sweaty, breathing uncomfortably heavy and thinking that the next hill was going to kill me. I had a romantic image of Andrew and I running side by side. like those annoying fit couples that run in tandem and pass you by on the Esplanade. Instead, he left me in the dust after realizing why I insisted on no talking during the run (because I barely had the energy to breathe).

So, it's back to the gym and my favorite cardio machines tomorrow.

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