Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jose's Mexican Restaurant

Having dinner with Eva, Chris, Rosie and Robin on Friday night introduced us to a fun new restaurant - Jose's Mexican Restaurant in Cambridge or as they describe it, "North of the Charles, South of the Border."

One of the best things about it is that even though it's tucked away in a neighborhood setting, there's a big, free parking lot next door. There was no missing the restaurant once we parked:

As the first ones to arrive at the restaurant, Andrew and I munched on the yummy chips and homemade salsa that was provided (be warned, we went with medium and it was pretty spicy). This gave us plenty of time to look over the extensive menu:

In the end, I went with trio of vegetarian offerings - an enchilada, a tostada, and a chile relleno:
Andrew went with Jose's Chimichanga:
Here's a shot Chris and Eva enjoying their meals - while Jose's is known for their margaritas, Chris was the only one who ended up trying one. The rest of us went with Coronas or Corona Lights, as it was hot, muggy night that seemed to call for them:
Not the best shot, but that Rosie's arm to the left and Robin across the table - I was getting everyone at the table used to the fact that I whip out my camera at any blog posting opportunity, something Andrew has long been accustomed to:

I forgot to mention that Jose's interior walls are as brightly painted as the exterior, which made a nice backdrop for the picture of Andrew and I that Eva graciously took.
We had a great time eating and catching up, which led to us closing the top half of the restaurant. Knowing that Eva and Chris just got a new dining room table, we parted vowing that we would do a potluck dinner at their place next (and I promised that I would help coordinate it to ensure we see each other on a more regular basis). With the weather warming up again, it's fun to feel like Andrew and I are coming out of hibernation and socializing more!

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