Monday, June 22, 2009

Seafood Supper

I was inspired to cook my first seafood dinner after getting a free pound of Gloucester mussels and a swordfish steak from my boss, who had a ton leftover from a weekend gathering.

After searching the Internet for tips on how to cook mussels and some advice from coworkers, I was ready to go!

Here's a bowl of freshly washed mussels:

Here they are sizzling in a frying pan with some melted butter, minced garlic, tomato paste and water (I didn't have any white wine on hand):

As for the swordfish, I treated it like a piece of chicken - I marinated in Italian dressing and broiled it in the oven until tender:

Andrew and I feasted on the mussels, dipping them in melted butter. I gave Andrew the swordfish, since I'm still dipping my toe into the seafood world but have no fear, the leftover chourico/linguica and peppers I had were also delicious.

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