Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday Father's Day Celebration

As Andrew and I are walking in the Boston Prostate Cancer Walk on Sunday morning - a yearly tradition we do with my Uncle Rich, cousin Andrew and family friends Jason and Jeff - we celebrated Father's Day a day early with Andrew's parents.

After catching Star Trek at the Boston Common theater, we headed back to Newton to have dinner at what's become one of Tom's favorite restaurants - Apgujung.

Tom opted for scallops, Korean BBQ style at the table:

The rest of us ordered bibimbap in sizzling hot stone bowls - I got it with spicy pork, my favorite, while Andrew and Charlotte opted for beef in theirs:
Andrew shows how much he enjoys eating bibimbap, plus the tokbuki (rice cakes in a spicy sauce) and tempura asparagus rolls we ordered as an appetizer:
Charlotte was a trooper and was brave enough to try some new dishes, including miso soup:

As always, we had a great time sharing and eating the delicious Korean food. Especially since we had a happy ending to the day by having dessert (ice cream sundaes) at Cabot's. Yummy!
Happy Father's Day Tom!

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