Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting My Cody Fix

Yesterday, I met up with Kelli and Cody during lunch to make the most of their limited time in Waltham, which is conveniently located close to my office. While I'm excited that they're moving into new digs in Acton, which will be a great place for Cody to grow up in, I'm sad that they'll be moving further away from me - which obviously should've been a major consideration in their housing plans!

I was so surprised to see the little man walking confidentally on his own steam down the path - he was then immediately entranced by the ducks and Canadian geese in the water:

It was nice to finally enjoy some warm weather and blue skies. We tried to convince Cody to help us feed the ducks by throwing crackers in the water, but he held tightly onto the cracker we gave him. It was a clear sign that we needed to go in and eat lunch pronto:

Once inside, Cody was more interested in unwrapping my engagement gift instead of presenting it - as you may be able to see, Kelli had picked the champagne especially for the "J" label on it:

Cody warmed my heart by laughing and chortling over the gift I brought over - soft bowling pins with animal heads (by the way, how cute is his mini Obama shirt?):

We spent the rest of lunch watching Cody play with his various toys, which ended up being musical as well with a hilarious "singing" session and a couple of drum sessions:

I ended up getting back to work late, but it was worth it to spend time catching up with Kelli and seeing Cody in action - he is truly growing up so quickly! I've got to savor his shy smiles, those expressive eyes with the long lashes and those chubby cheeks for as long as I can!

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