Monday, June 8, 2009

Berry Delicious

The long gaps between my races on Sunday meant we not only had time to explore the Dragon Boat Festival’s food booths and dance demonstrations along Memorial Drive, but we could make the short walk into Harvard Square

Other than watching Matt’s band play last winter, I haven’t really walked around Harvard Square in years. It’s got a fun mix of eclectic shops and restaurants, but is a pain in the butt to park at if you’re driving and is always crammed with tourists.

Our main motivation for venturing into Harvard Square – other than grabbing “Dunkin’ Doogles” for Amy, Phu and Pete – was to find BerryLine, a purveyor of “real” frozen yogurt that had opened up in early 2008. As my readers know, I’m a strong advocate for frozen yogurt that tastes like yogurt, rather than soft serve ice cream.

After initially walking by BerryLine, as it’s tucked away in a tiny shop on the corner of Arrow Street and Mount Auburn Street, I could tell from its colorful exterior that it was a fun place with a focus on fruit.

Photo courtesy of the BerryLine Facebook page

Alas, it was only 11 am and it didn’t open until Noon, so we trudged back to my company’s tent empty-handed.

After lunch, Amy, Pete, and Jen (who had arrived around Noon just in time to see my team in its second race), went back over the Weeks Footbridge to try again at BerryLine. I was sorely tempted to go, but knew that our next race was only forty minutes away and we were due to line up in twenty minutes. I had just enough time to see the three of them come back with empty containers and smiles on their faces before I was off for my final race.

At around 4 pm, we were sunburned, tired and finally done for the day. But I made Andrew, Jen, and Phu walk back to BerryLine with me to get my much-anticipated cup of frozen yogurt.

The line was out the door but moved quickly, so in ten minutes, I had a medium sized cup (I believe it came in 5 oz, 8 oz, 18 oz and pint sizes) of their natural flavor yogurt with blueberries, strawberries and almonds as my topping. BerryLine offered three frozen yogurt choices when we were there – Natural, Orange and Raspberry – as well as roughly two dozen fruit, nut and candy choices.

It was all that I hoped for, the fruit was very fresh (in fact, we saw one of the employees bringing in a box full of fresh pints of raspberries) and the yogurt was wonderfully tangy. And if I remember correctly, at 25 calories per ounce, the frozen yogurt is a relatively guilt-free treat.

Jen has become one of my resident frozen yogurt experts and so I was pleased when she told me BerryLine is opening a new store in the Fenway area soon which would make it much easier for me to indulge in my frozen yogurt fix.

As this was one of the rare times I didn’t have my camera on me, I didn’t get to grab a picture of my order. So, I'll have to go back soon and order it again!


Anonymous said...

Berryline is a fun place but apparently Red Mango is opening its doors in Boston the end of this summer. I used to live in NYC before moving here and let me tell you - Tangy yogurt and Red Mango are an amazing match. Their stores are catered for the standard fro-yo lovers with the best tasting yogurt served in a totally customer focused environment. Its totally the new thing out there. Im so excited about Red Mango authentic frozen yogurt coming to Boston!!

bcallegra said...

Anonymous, I'm happy to hear that more fro-yo (so glad to see you use that term, I still get puzzled looks from people when I say it) is making its way to Boston and I will gladly eat it all!

bcallegra said...

Looking back at this comment, it was clearly made by someone at Red Mango!