Thursday, June 11, 2009

Planning Weddings in Newton

I apologize in advance for the next year and a half, because you’re going to be seeing a lot of engagement and wedding-related posts. All of a sudden – and of course, this is the way it always happens – I’m noticing how many jewelry ads touting engagement rings play on the radio and I’m reading wedding-related news stories online.

Today, my favorite go-to news website had an article on how the economy has affected wedding planning, specifically in the town of Newton where I live – crazy coincidence, yes? Of course the article mentions how the average metro Boston wedding costs more than the average US wedding, and how the average Newton wedding trumps metro Boston, the tune of $70k per wedding on average. How insane is that? Don’t get me wrong, weddings are definitely special occasions but there’s no way that I could afford to, or want to, drop that amount of money on a one-day event!

The one positive thing I’m taking away from the article is that most vendors seem willing to bargain on their prices – plus, the fact that I’ll need to check out the VOWS outlet store, especially since I drive by it all the time.

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