Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What Would You Do For Korean Ice Cream?

Almost anything, if you're half Korean and have spent most of your childhood living on Army bases in Korea (well, technically right off base), eating Korean popsicles.

On our way to Me bar, we passed a Korean grocery store named H Mart and I made the mental note to check it out after dinner. After we said our goodbyes to Jay, Camie and James, Amanda and Andrew humored my request to check out the store.

After I walked in and saw this freezer stocked with Korean ice cream, I went a little crazy and everything's a blur:

I remember tossing tons and tons of ice cream and snacks into a basket (which I had told Andrew to grab once I saw the freezer above) and using all the cash in my wallet to pay for it (over $30). In fact, I paid, noticed boxes of French pies by the register, and bought them as well, to the amusement of the two male Korean cashiers who were wondering why the heck I was I was so excited by everything.

Here's a breakdown of the ice cream I bought - to be truthful, the only ice cream I actually ate as a kid was the B-B-B bar (what my family calls it) which is a delicious red bean ice cream. I know it sounds gross but even my Dad, who shuns a lot of foreign food, eats it. Although, Andrew took one bite of it and declared that he didn't like it. The rest were just different versions of ice creams I had eaten before and the only quality assurance I needed was that they were Korean. I also love the fact that some of them sported their Won prices on the label:

As for the snack foods, Amy and I had eaten all four time and time again as kids. In fact, the onion ring chips were served at our birthday parties. And my all time favorite, the food that my parents would send me in care packages when they lived in Korea three or four years ago, is the apple french pies:

The packaging has changed and Haitai has gotten cheap, as there's only one pie in each package instead of two:

But it's still the same messy, sugary, flaky goodness on the inside with dollop of apple jam:

It was totally worth the hassle of buying a cooler and ice to drive the ice cream back up to Boston. And also worth the look on Amy's face as she saw some of our old favorites.

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