Thursday, September 24, 2009

Introducing My New Haircut

So yeah. I was trying to growing my hair out a little in preparation for the wedding (which is still over a year away). But long hair is annoying. And requires tons of maintenance. So I tried a new salon in Newton, had a cool stylist and got a great new haircut. I know it's not drastic but it feels great! Andrew was laughing at me as I did the "walking down the street in a hair commercial) hair flip all evening. The best part is that I think it will be easy to keep it looking this nice - yay for low maintenance! I must add that Andrew just had his longish locks lopped off this past weekend (sorry, I couldn't resist the alliteration) so we're a finely coiffed couple!


chicks said...

Your hair looks GREAT, Joyce.

spongeamy said...

lovely! :) i've been contemplating a serious hair cut for awhile now, but obvi we can't look ever MORE alike. haha.