Sunday, September 13, 2009

Early Mornings Can Be Good

Lately, I feel like Andrew and I haven't been able to get a lot of sleep. Predictably, we spend a lot of time at night scoping out houses and wedding-related stuff on the web, so we make into bed late (usually around 11 pm) and then I'm up early in the morning to make into the office by 8 am since work just seems to be perpetually busy. So we really count on the weekends to catch up on sleep. However, this Saturday, we had to get up early to get my car into the shop for an 8 am appointment and then we started looking at houses at 10:15 am.

Then on Sunday, we were up and dressed by 9 am, and this time, it was for a fun event - registering at Crate & Barrel!

I'm telling you, these stores know how to lure you in. We had the whole store to ourselves (not counting the six or seven other engaged couples) for two hours to eat free food and scan to our hearts' content.

I managed to take a couple of covert pictures, including Andrew stocking up on coffee:

There were stations offering OJ, crackers and cheese, pancakes, sausage, paninis, and the coffee and cake you see above. It wasn't a large amount of food like a buffet but it was nice to have things to munch on as we walked around the store.

Here's a look at the scanner that became our best friend by the end of the registry session. To our detriment, it was very easy to use, which, of course, meant we were scanning things left and right:

Here's Andrew showing off the free gift we received in addition to the food for attending the event - a heart-shaped bowl.

Not to sound greedy but I'm curious to see how the Macy's registry event will compare, especially as it takes place on a weeknight while the store is still open.

Regardless, to any brides, I highly recommend saving your registering for a specific store event as it is practical and a nice way to get pampered! And as I told Andrew, seeing our names up on the registry was another way I really felt like that we were engaged - I've been so used to searching for other people's names and buying off their registries, it's kind of cool to see our names this time!

My apologies if this seems like a very gratuitous post, but when you read my next post, you'll understand why this was honestly the highlight of a rather roller coaster weekend.

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