Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birthday Weekend Recap: Koreatown - Me Bar

Amanda, being the great hostess that she is, had carefully researched possible places to go for dinner and drinks. Knowing that Andrew and I love Korean food, she received a recommendation for a great place to have dinner in Koreatown and also had found a hidden gem of bar for us to grab drinks at before hand.

As we got out of the cab, it was clear to see that we were in the right place:

I was thrilled to see all the restaurants and signs with Korean writing:

We headed to Me bar, which is charming bar with an outdoor patio hidden on the 14th floor of the La Quinta hotel. We walked through the front doors, hopped on the elevator and rode straight up to the bar. We were able to score a corner table right off the bat, which was a great people watching position:
Amanda and Andrew look relieved to be sitting down after all the walking we accomplished earlier in the day:
As it started getting darker, we were served complimentary popcorn with some sort of spicy powder sprinkled on top as we waited for one of Andrew's friends from college - Jay - to join us. I had noticed a large building looming overhead when we first arrived and when I saw it lit up in the dark, I knew it had to be something well-known. I asked Amanda and Jay about it (no one else could really see it well from their seats unless angling their heads) and they incredulously exclaimed that it was the Empire State Building:
Oops, I guess I gave myself away as a tourist.

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