Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birthday Weekend Recap - Dinner at Kang Suh

After Me bar, we simply walked across the street to the Kang Suh restaurant. Here's a shot of Camie and James, who trekked all the way from Brooklyn to meet us for dinner:
Half the table ordered okdol bibimbap (me, Andrew and Amanda) while Camie and James opted for bulgogi and kalbi Korean BBQ and Jay for a Korean savory pancake. Poor Jay, his pancake ended up being served individually to all of us, but food was shared freely and the restaurant did a good job of providing banchan side dishes:
Andrew and I have definitely been spoiled by Apgujung because the bibimbap simply couldn't compare - it didn't come with neat and didn't have the same quality/variety of vegetables. Also, Amanda and I made the mistake of ordering gin and tonics which were so stiff that we nursed the drinks throughout dinner. However, Camie and James seemed to really like the Korean BBQ, which was what the restaurant is known for. I also have to mention that I was disappointed that no bowls of rice were served with the BBQ orders, which seemed really cheap to me and was unexpected, otherwise we would've ordered it separately:

The guys really seemed to enjoy their massive bottles of Korean Hite and OB beer:
Dinner was a fun sharing experience, and ended up being pretty reasonable split six ways although I feel like the guys definitely could've used slightly more food (again, rice would've helped).

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