Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birthday Weekend Recap: Saturday Afternoon

After enjoying our delicious brunch on Saturday morning, we killed some time indoors (while waiting out rain showers) by watching (500) Days of Summer. I thought it was a cute movie and especially enjoyed the soundtrack. Afterwards, heartened by clearing skies, Amanda guided us on the subway (I almost called it the "T") to Union Square. We enjoyed a brisk walk through Union Square's farmers market to the Meatpacking district.

Our goal was the High Line, a relatively new park that I describe as "only in New York". As in, only in New York would people wait in line to see rusting train tracks surrounded by weeds (as I whispered in Andrew's ear, that's a sight you can find in the seedy part of any suburb!) Ok, I admit that's a little snarky, especially since the weeds were pretty and there were interesting benches and architecture. But let me just say, I would never wait in line to see this, which I heard is quite common for the High Line.

The aforementioned weeds and railroad tracks - a romantic would call these wildflowers whose delicate beauty contrasts with the industrial, rusty look of the railroad tracks:

One of the cool benches to be found near the start of the entrance we entered through:
I liked these seeing these signs scattered throughout the park:
This was a scene that I likened to an urban beach - tons of New Yorkers and tourists lounging in a row - the cool thing that you can't see is that some of those lounge chairs had wheels that roll on the railroad tracks:
Amanda and Andrew, the caffeine addicts, stopped by a vendor's booth to grab some free trade coffee:

I also like the stadium style seating that had the audience viewing street traffic as the show:
Finally, nice river views and a view of the clearing skies:

Next, it was time for dinner!

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