Friday, September 11, 2009

On the Hunt...

As you may have noticed, my pace of posts has slowed down a bit. I’m still going to try to post on a daily basis, but I’ve got to admit, things are a bit crazy (but exciting) for Andrew and I at the moment. On top of planning our wedding (we’ve just hit the 13 month mark, so I keep telling myself that there’s still plenty of time) we’re also in process of house hunting and ideally, would like to buy before December 1 to take advantage of the federal homebuyer tax credit.

So what does this mean? After being pre-approved for a mortgage, we looked at seven houses and condos in Canton on Labor Day, and just checked out three more places in West Roxbury after work last night. Up ahead for us – 12 places to check out on Saturday and eight open houses on Sunday. We’re not limiting ourselves to one town but are trying to find a nice place along 95 that would have a reasonable commute for both of us, as Andrew is currently spending over an hour each way to work. I think I would go crazy trying to capture pictures of each place we’re visiting, but I promise more details once we’ve narrowed down our final selections.

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