Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Actual Birthday Celebration

Clearly, I spent the whole weekend celebrating the weekend. I was one lucky girl to be surrounded by friends and loved ones. And did I forget to mention the food - I'm still salivating at the memories!

We spent the morning of my birthday driving back up to Boston (after a failed attempt to get more Pinkberry). After all the excitement of the weekend, I was in the mood for a low-key celebration for the rest of the day.

This meant a late lunch with Andrew and Amy at Fugakyu in Brookline - this may look exotic but Japanese food is really confort food to me!

We didn't want to be too full as we already had dinner plans for 7:30, so we decided to split several dishes.

Our order of sirloin maki (yup, that's meat rolled around the rice) with asparagus and scallions, an order of spicy tuna maki with tempura crumbs and cucumber (unbelievable) and simple kappa maki:

I'm spacing on the type of cold soba noodles pictured (Amy or Camie can comment with the correct name below) and tempura fried vegetables:
And an all-time favorite, chicken katsu:
Later, after dinner at New Rod Dee's (I was definitely on an Asian food roll), you already know that we headed to BerryLine in its new Fenway location for frozen yogurt - it's worth looking at the picture twice!
We sat outside on the front steps of the Fenway movie theatre to enjoy our treats - Amy and I were cardigan twins alongside Jen:
The guys were simply too cool to sit down:

And the money shot - a close up of me and Amy:

It was truly a spectacular weekend, I can't remember the last time I was so relaxed and had so much fun. Thank you to everyone who made it so special!

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spongeamy said...

TENZARU!!! that's the cold soba noodles. also, you should have posted that lovely picture of me and that raw quail egg...

yay birthday!!!