Monday, September 7, 2009

Stovetop S'mores

The perfect pick-me-up after a busy day of house hunting? Stovetop s'mores!

We had originally bought the ingredients for these during the 4th of July weekend and ended up being too stuffed every day to bust them out (seriously, we had so much food that weekend)! Andrew's parents sent us home from their labor day cookout with the forgotten s'more fixings, and of course, it took us less than a day to break into them!

Having a gas range stove worked almost as well in toasting the marshmallows:

Andrew demonstrates how he makes s'mores - three sections of a Hershey's bar on half a graham cracker, topped with a marshmallow (I prefer a larger marshmallow to graham bar ratio by using only one piece of Hershey bar on a quarter piece of graham cracker):

Smush all that gooey goodness together while extracting the mini-fondue fork we were using for toasting the marshmallows:
Bite in and enjoy!
Extra thanks goes out to my charming demo model. :)

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