Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just Chill...

After zipping through an exhibit of Civil War drawings, Jen and I returned to our old stomping ground of Cleveland Circle to check out the newly renovated (at least to me) CitySide - I love how the windows open up now to the very scenic parking lot! :)

Jen knew I had gone through a couple of crap days and surprised me with the news that a froyo place had opened in Cleveland Circle called Chill - guess where we went for dessert?

In addition to froyo, they serve Christina's ice cream (yum!) and coffee but we were there for the star attraction - Jen ordered a play off of her favorite dessert (banana chocolate chip cake) by ordering the banana froyo with chocolate chips:

I tried a sample of the banana and it was quite tasty! But you know me, I went with the original flavor. With blueberries, strawberries and almonds - no need to mess with what I like! Plus, it allows for a scientific comparison between other frozen yogurt places:

I had send Andrew a photo text with a picture of my order, intending on taunting him since I didn't think the frozen yogurt would survive the trip home. However, the froyo held up well while I was eating it so I decided to risk the trip home with it.
Even with a side trip to drop Jen off, the froyo was near perfect when it arrived in Andrew's hands:
I've realized that:
  1. Yes, Andrew is lucky to have a fiancee as nice as me to bring him home froyo, especially since I was the one that got him hooked on it.
  2. I'm in serious trouble with a froyo place within a couple of miles of my place. Seriously, I could get in my car right now and be eating delicious frozen yogurt in ten minutes. Dangerous!
  3. I thought Chill tasted just as good as BerryLine but Pinkberry remains my favorite.

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