Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September Workplace Potluck

I think the other departments in my building secretly hate my department. Why? Due to the lovely smells that permeate the whole floor when we hold our potluck lunches.

And I don't care! I'm proud of the fact that I've successfully kept up our monthly potlucks within the department, although for August, we did Thai takeout since it was too hot to cook.

Besides, some of these departments are extremely grumpy (to the point that one group put up "No Loitering signs" - seriously, who does that?) But I digress.

We had another lovely spread featuring chicken wings, shrimp cocktail, shrimp quesadillas, salad, eggplant and spinach calzones and meatballs:

For dessert, we had a lovely Strawberry Shortcake along with my contributions - Beantown Baker's Best Dang Thing EVER bars and chocolate chip cookies with Halloween M&M's:

You may be wondering about the Twinkies and the Yodels. One of the guys in our office brought them as his contribution to the potluck. The Yodels evoked so many responses from people visiting our area all week who recalled fond childhood memories and the Twinkies were especially brought for me, since they were my childhood favorite and the coworker thoughtfully remembered that. I may love baking but there's still a time and a place for highly-processed junk food from our childhood. Even if it makes you feel queasy after eating it.

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