Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December Office Potluck

I think my coworkers and I surpassed ourselves with this month's potluck. Don't get me wrong, the food has always been good in the past, even when we first started.
This month seemed to be more like a battle of the crock pots!

Close up look at my boss's "special" mashed potatoes and another coworkers AMAZING turkey white chili - I'm still waiting on the recipe for this, since she basically combined elements from three different recipes:

Teriyaki wings and a hearty beef chili:

We had a bunch of healthier sides, like salad and fruit salad, and not so healthy sides, like homemade corn bread; and spinach and artichoke dip:
Finally - the desserts! You may recognize some of the cookies from Sunday, as I provided three of the desserts. In the lower left corner are hermits - I usually never like anything gingerbread flavored but these were fantastic! Expect a post on them soon, as I was able to snag my coworker's mother's recipe for these:

I made carrot cupcakes at the request of one coworker, whose birthday we were celebrating:

And for the other coworker with a December birthday, coconut macaroons (more to come on these later):

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