Saturday, December 26, 2009

After Christmas Craziness

So I made the mistake of going to the Wrentham Outlets the day after Christmas.

I was backed up on 495 for 20 minutes, which didn't seem that bad until I spent another 20 minutes looking for a parking spot. I had to stalk a shopper, which I hate doing, to finally snag a spot. If your familiar with Wrentham, you can tell by all the double-parked cars in the picture that the parking situation is not good:

My goal was to exchange two shirts that we had gotten Andrew's dad Tom for the correct size at Eddie Bauer.

I considered myself lucky that I wasn't a shopper waiting in the Ugg line:

Or the Coach line...

...which looked bad from every angle! At least it was fairly warm outside for all those waiting.

The parking situation got much worse in the time it took me to swap the shirts - here's all the cars that were waiting in what I thought was the aisle that I parked in:
Turns out, I was actually two aisles over. One enteprising woman actually got out of the passenger side of the car her daughter was driving and walked with me for a few minutes (despite claiming recent back surgery) until I was able to figure out where I had parked my car. It was a bit awkward but I had to give her props for having the chutzpah to get my spot. Lesson learned: never head to the outlets or the malls (I suspect) on the day/weekend after Christmas.

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