Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cozy Christmas Eve

One of the best things I love about Christmas Eve is that I know families are gathered together everywhere, enjoying meals together and looking forward to the next morning.
While my parents and Amy were far away in Japan, celebrating Christmas 14 hours ahead of us, it was nice knowing that they were happy together celebrating the day while I was comfortably esconced with Andrew and his family.
One of the things I love about Christmas in Plymouth is how the house and table are decorated for the holidays. Note the candle centerpieces with Christmas beads, beads and trim on the chandelier and special Swedish horses napking holders, reflecting Andrew's mom Charlotte's heritage:
We enjoyed a cozy family style meal with baked ziti and garlic bread, accompanied by one of Andrew's sister Amanda's signature salads and homemade dressing - note the Christmas colors of the salad plus yummy olives:

The view that greeted us in the dining room? One of the two Christmas trees, with a ton of presents waiting under the tree:

We ended the night with several rounds of Apples to Apples, accompanied by wine and bottles of beer chilled in the snow off the back deck:

Is there a more new England site than that? A white Christmas that allows you to chill your beers comfortably without having to walk all the way to the fridge. :)

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Ms. Camille said...

Looks Gorgeous!
Hope you had an amazing holiday...