Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ten Months Out

Yikes! We're ten months out from our wedding.

My big wedding-related task to get accomplished for the month? Picking a florist.

I've met with one already and will be meeting with another next week, and I'm confident that between the two, I'll find the right florist with the style that I'm looking for. It's crazy to see a floral proposal breaking down the crazy amounts of money being spent on flowers.

The pictures that have caught my eye so far:

I love the fullness of the flowers and the shape of bouquet:

I am seriously digging this bouquet from Petalena Flowers, the vendor I'm meeting with next week - it's got the textures and range of colors (although not the same colors) that I'm looking for:

Also from Petalena: I heart ranunculus and I would love to work in fiddleheads:

And I know I will be have bright green flowers appearing in some shape or another:

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