Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Amy Esquire, Official Lawyer

I know I've been slacking off on the blogging. We were trying to cram a lot into our last few days in Japan and right now, we're both suffering the effects of jet lag. But I had to muster some energy to discuss one of the biggest events of my sister's life that I was privilege to be a part of yesterday - her swearing into the Mass Bar!

The ceremony took place in the historic Faneuil Hall next to Quincy Marketplace - the gigantic painting behind the stage shows Daniel Webster arguing in court (don't mind my dirty camera lens):

Miss Amy herself, dressed to the nines, before the start of the ceremony:

After swearing three oaths (to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to the United States and an Attorney's oath), Amy signed the official log that has been signed by all MA lawyers since the 1600's - including Daniel Webster, John Adams, John Hancock and drumroll please, Andrew two years ago! Talk about distinguished company.

After figuring out that her "fake Mont Blanc pen" was a push pen, rather than a twist pen, Amy celebrates signing the book!

One of my favorite moments of the ceremony - they allow a family member to present the bar certificate to the new attorney. I was proud to represent my parents and the rest of the family on stage to congratulate Amy:

A quick shot taken as we were leaving the official stage:

Finally, Amy's fancy lawyer heels proving that she is truly dressing as an attorney now! Props to her for managing to walk in them across the slick, uneven cobblestones of Boston and not tripping once:

Congratulations Amy! We're proud of you.


CR said...

Congrats Aim-Dogg!
Has she been planning this since we played Careers in high school?

spongeamy said...

haha. thanks, camille!!! and also, HOLY CRAP! i forgot about careers!! i vaguely remember it being extremely sexist, so i'm sure being a lawyer wasn't one of the options for girls!

CHicks said...
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bcallegra said...

CHicks said...
The photos remind me of how much history you can feel in that hall. You can see it every where. Congratulations to Amy Lillian Xxxxxxx, Esquire! You have a bright future ahead.

spongeamy said...

awww. is CHicks charlotte? thank you!! i'm glad that i will be able to use that lovely business card holder that you gave me....it worried me at first that it said "esquire" on it, but now it's official!! :)