Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby Bowl

Football fans everywhere were thrilled when the bowl match ups were announced a few days ago.

Anyone that knows me well knows that I'm kind of meh about football. I love the atmosphere and the tailgating and I will even give up a perfect fall day to cheer on my alma mater, BC in Alumni Stadium, but as for the game itself - I find it rather boring compared to sports like soccer, tennis and hockey.

So why I am devoting a blog post to bowl games? There's a particularly intriguing match-up this year. And I will freely admit that Andrew had a part in influencing this post.

The Penn State Nittany Lions, Andrew's alma mater (sidebar: what the heck is a Nittany lion and what makes it different from other lions - Andrew's never explained this to my satisfaction) will be facing the LSU Tigers in the Capital One bowl in Orlando on New Year's Day.

I'm not too concerned about the players on the field. What I'm getting a kick out of will be the fans at home who will be cheering on their teams.

Proud parents Jeanne and Mike brought Marie Elizabeth into world as a LSU fan - she had no choice but to be a baby tiger, considering that her parents met while they were attending LSU. Clearly, they were taking no chances in teaching her who to root for.

And in the opposing corner, we have the adorable Cameron Evon, son of one of Andrew's college friends Eric and his wife Jen - just look at those eyes and long lashes trying to seduce you into joining his team:

Marie expresses her opinion of Penn State while sporting a LSU bib - take that Penn State bib! (Seriously, how cute are those cheeks!)

Cameron gets serious in his defense of the Lions and widens his eyes just a tad bit more for the full
"Blue Steel" look:

Marie tells Cameron she can eat him for breakfast, just like her LSU shoes - prepare to be blinded by purple and gold:

Andrew's favorite picture of Cameron - he tells me that Cameron is simply ending the argument by pumping his baby fist in support of Penn State:
Some may have seen through my flimsy excuse to show off pictures of our friends' cute kids but all I know is that it'll be tough to pick the team to win on New Year's.
So I'll end this post with a little help from Adriana, daughter of Kelly, one of my old college roommates:
Go BC! They'll face the USC Trojans in the Emerald Bowl on December 26:


CHicks said...

All of the football fans are adorable. I love their outfits.
I can't believe that a Penn State fan doesn't know this:
Nittany is an Algonquin word for single mountain. There is a mountain by Penn State called Mt. Nittany. I am sure there were or still are some mountain lions that live there. My source was

bcallegra said...

Oh boy, I will never hear the end of this from Andrew!

As he pointed out to me last night, he had provided an explanation on where the Nittany Lion name has come from.

As I pointed out to him, I wrote that he never explained it to my satisfaction which is just my way of giving him a hard time about Penn State. I was proud of the fact that he told me I "lawyered" him, something he obviously does to me ALL THE TIME!

Jeanne said...

Love this!! Geaux Tigers!! We are so proud Marie made it to your blog once again! And come on, just look at that can you root for anyone BUT the tigers??? :)

Mike said...

This post makes the entire Internet a worthwhile endeavor! Too clever and too cute. Thanks Joyce! BTW - I happily adopt any team playing againt USC. So, go Eagles!!!

bcallegra said...

Jeanne and Mike - you two are obviously biased but thank you for letting me get away with lifting photos of Marie from your Facebook accounts!

Marie and Cameron are both definitely winners in the cute category - I'm just sad that we live so far away from Louisiana and Pennsylvania. Keep those pics coming!