Sunday, December 6, 2009

Last Day on Zama

It's hard to believe that just over a week ago, Andrew and I were still in Japan.


So back to our last day. We snuck in one last breakfast at the golf club. Rather than bore you with more pictures of the food, I just had Andrew take a picture of me enjoying the golf club's "famous" lemonade:

Through a lucky coincidence in timing, we were able to catch the opening day of the quarterly Oriental Bazaar before catching our 1 p.m. bus to the airport. The bazaar brings vendors from all over Asia to sell souvenirs, traditional Japanese dishware and furniture:

When I lived on Zama, it was held in the old gym on base but it has since moved to the Cultural Center and now the parking lot of the Community Club to give enough room to all the vendors. You better believe that we picked up a few Christmas gifts here and ended up heading back to my parents place (the high rise you see in the background) to fit it all into our suitcases:
Also on a lucky break, the club had set up a booth selling food, including one of my favorites - Yakisoba (noodle dish with vegetables) - so we grabbed some to eat on the bus as our lunch:

Close up shot of yakisoba - it was as good as I remembered and I know I will have some of my readers craving it after seeing these pictures!

It was just the thing to put us in a good mood for the 3 hour bus ride to Narita airport and the 13 hour flight back to the US.

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CR said...

Oh! I am so sad thinking of all the things I miss about Zama...Thanks for sharing Joyce!