Thursday, December 3, 2009

Walk Around Zama

This is the first of three catch-up blogs capturing our last days in Japan.

Ignore the fact that it's December and I'm typing this from my bedroom in Massachusetts, and I'll take you back to Thanksgiving afternoon (just a week ago!)

To walk off the calories from our big meal, my dad took Andrew and I on a loop around Camp Zama.

First stop next to my parent's high rise was Dewey Park - the entrance wasn't looking very picturesque due to some construction work:

This section was more like the Dewey Park I remembered - as you can tell from my dad's outfit, it was unseasonably warm and lovely that day, similar to the weather we enjoyed in Boston today!

Andrew and my dad pose by a Japanese memorial marking the spot of a stable fire when the Japanese imperial army used the land as their training academy, similar to West Point:

Another look at the fountains and the fully stocked pond - Amy and I used to love the one pound trout we hauled out of the pond during the annual fishing derby:

Beyond Dewey, we walked up a rather steep hill past the Eagle's Nest (Zama's executive row equivalent), past the helipad and enjoyed the sight from one of the highest points on base:

To our right was the golf course:

When we arrived back home an hour later, we saw that my mom's friend Kaneko had stopped by with a Japanese-style gift basket to welcome Andrew to Japan:

Beer, bread and chips - an odd combo but definitely a crowd pleaser!

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