Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another Dinner in Ashland

It's a tough job to do, but Andrew, his parents and I have made it our mission to eat our way through Ashland and the surrounding towns to pick the restaurant for our rehearsal dinner. Somehow, I think we're up to the task!

After visiting Stone's Public House for our first restaurant, this time around we went with one of Charlotte's choices and visited Fusion Cuisine. As its name states, it's a restaurant that features Japanese, Chinese and Thai cuisine. Truthfully, Charlotte had noticed a neat-looking restaurant the last time she was in Ashland, and she thought that this restaurant was the same. She realized when she arrived that it was not the right restaurant, but we still had fun trying out a new place.

Take a look at the fusion platter aka pupu platter that we ordered as an appetizer - it was seriously enough food to fill us up right away and we barely had room for dinner. While it tasted good, I didn't think the restaurant stood out in any way as an Asian restaurant:

I do have to mention that their spicy tuna maki (Andrew and I ate it too quicky to take a picture) was really good - it had a nice crunchy texture compared to other spicy tuna rolls I've had.

Now onto the gigantic size entrees - Charlotte's Chicken Lo Mein:

Andrew and his Dad opted for classic Pad Thai:

You think after spending almost two weeks in Japan, I would be tired of Japanese food - wrong! I was already craving chicken katsu and Fusion Cuisine's version was crispy without being greasy and even more importantly, they used the right type of tonkatsu sauce:
Even more remarkable than the food was the decor - while it had some touches of Asian influence, most of it was rather loud - like this room divider made out of heavy plastic balls:
Our red velvet booth - which was surprisingly cushy - with the bright lighting:

As we met up for dinner on Saturday, my picture of Fusion Cuisine's sign shows the snow that started falling rapidly that night:

And as an incredibly sweet touch at the end of a great dinner, Andrew's parents surprised me with a pink rose. It was a nice touch of spring during a cold and snowy night:
Thanks Tom and Charlotte!

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