Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Dinner 2009

At this point, I have to pause for a moment to thank Andrew's parents once again for a wonderful Christmas - they simply made it awesome.

After a great breakfast and a nap, I felt like all the "kids" (except poor Amanda, who was also cooking in the kitchen with Tom and Charlotte) in the house sauntered back into the dining room to find the table set for Christmas dinner - can you see the cute little presents scattered on the table?

Amanda, festively attired in shades of red, leads the way in trying out all the delicious food - we had turkey, Tom's famous sausage stuffing, asaparagus, creamed corn, biscuits, jello and "orange" mashed potatoes (from the addition of carrots):

Adam, visiting from California, looked happy to see the homecooked food although he's not as used to all my picture taking like Amanda is:
My delicious plate of food - I couln't be rude so I had to have a little of everything. :)

Another thing I love about Christmas - it's a time when family gets together to enjoy each other's company and good food:

After dinner, we headed over to Taunton for a few hours to spend time with my uncle Rich and my cousins Andrew and Andrea (as well as Andrea's friend Stephanie):

This was our first dessert of the evening - a choice between a beautifully decorated white cake, a cannoli cream cake and pumpkin pie. Andrew and I limited ourselves to a small slice of dessert each (knowing what was waiting for us back in Plymouth) and we dived into several rounds of Apples to Apples - what can I say, the game is great to play with all ages and both sides of the family!

With Andrew's family waiting patiently for us back in Plymouth to start dessert there, we headed back to find this monstrous trifle:

As well as homemade carrot cake and pumpkin pie:

I think my stomach is still full from Christmas.

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