Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wedding Planned in Three Months?!

In case you missed the news, Ivanka Trump got married over the weekend.

Here's the photo that's been plastered all over People.com - it keeps referring to her dress as Grace Kelly-inspired Vera Wang:

It's pretty but I don't think it's anything special.

Photos courtesy of Brian Marcus and Fred Marcus on People.com

And is it just me, or does her husband Jared have the beginnings of what could become the infamous Donald Trump weird comb over?

The reason that I'm highlighting her wedding is the fact that it was planned in just three months! She is quoted as saying it was hard work and it helped her to have a wedding coordinator. Um, I'm sure your money helped a little bit.

Nonetheless, her speediness is making me feel like a total slacker in the wedding planning department. Then again, I'm not a millionaire marrying a millionaire, with my choice of luxury receptions sites and hordes of people eager to suck up to me. However, I am pleased to announce that we put a deposit down on another wedding vendor today (to remain unnamed, as it's one of the surprises we have planned for guests) and I have made progress on booking two other vendors. Only thing that is worrying me is locking down a DJ and a florist. I'm not quite sure that I have a clear enough concept in my head to meet with a florist, but I'm determined to have these done by January so I can start fussing over little details.

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