Sunday, October 4, 2009

Offer Number Two

Quite simply, it was another busy weekend for Andrew and I.

All day Friday was spent going back and forth on the second place we put an offer on.

It was a roomy townhouse in a nice location with good schools - we had originally been staying away from condos but fell in love with the location and the unit itself.

The funny thing was that Andrew and I liked the place, but we weren't in love with it completely. Don't get me wrong, I think we could be very happy in the place. But, it wasn't perfect in terms of proximity to Boston and a large upcoming assessment. Which is why we weren't heartbroken (like the first time around) when the owners wouldn't come down to a price we were willing to pay. The deal isn't completely dead, but Andrew and I did spent time visiting more open houses today (after spending Saturday at a wedding).

Although, the one thing we loved about the place was the kitchen:

I'd prefer darker cabinets but still - all the counter space makes the baker in me drool!

We've learned what is meant to happen, will happen. And so, the search continues.


Jen said...

Wow that kitchen is AMAZING! I would love to have that much counter space.

bcallegra said...

No kidding! I keep thinking about Christmas time when I'm in the midst of cookie baking madness. Oh well, no matter where Andrew and I end up, I'm determined to have a decent kitchen with counter space.