Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Feeling like a mom sending her child off to school with birthday cupcakes, I asked Andrew what he wanted as his birthday treat for the office (not to be confused with his birthday treat for home - pumpkin bread). I did offer cupcakes but he opted for a birthday trifle and selected everything that went into it. This actually ended up being the second trifle I made this week, I had made one on Monday for a coworker, which might have put the idea in his head.

In the middle of layering the trifle, I paused to take a picture because the strawberries looked so pretty:

More strawberries were placed down on the layer of chocolate pudding, and where eventually covered by Cool Whip:

The final product had layers of chocolate cake, white chocolate pudding, chocolate pudding, chocolate syrup, heath bar bits, Cool Whip and strawberries, each layered twice:
The trifle ended up slightly overflowing the top, crammed with all the pudding goodness:

Considering that only four people are working today in Andrew's office, I think it's safe to say that there will be plenty of trifle left over!
More to come on Andrew's birthday festivities.

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