Saturday, October 24, 2009

Having Phu(n)

Thursday ended up being our big night out this week in celebration of Phu's birthday.

Here's the birthday boy himself sporting a key accessory from his upcoming Halloween costume:

Phu's choice was the Korea Garden in Allston - I'm always down for Korean food and was eager to try a new restaurant. I was charmed by all the Korean touches, including the spoon covers:

Most of our table opted to try Korean OB beer but we also had a chance to try Korean soju, courtesy of Jen L, who ordered for the whole table in Korean:

Phu and his friend Sarah from Colorado posed for the before shot:

Everyone joined in on the birthday well wishes with a shot of soju:

Phu claimed it went down smoothly but this was the after picture:
A full table shot of the attendees:

Several people at the table aren't known for their adventurous eating habits (ahem, Pete) so Phu did his best to encourage people to try new things. By encourage, I mean he was ordering people to eat things because it was his birthday. For example, getting Pete to eat a sardine:
Boys being boys, they had a great time creating different disgusting combinations of foods to try:
Then it was time to head back to Phu's, Amy's and Pete's apartment for dessert - a yummy red velvet and cake batter ice cream cake from Coldstone and the birthday trifle:
How could any good birthday evening end without a pull up contest? Here's Phu demonstrating his strength:

And Pete's attempt to show him up:
That was the end of the evening for Andrew and I, being old fogies who had to work the next day, but the rest of the group headed out for dancing.

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CHicks said...

Happy Birthday to Phu!! Was Phu's birthday on Thursday the 29th? If so, then we have the same birthday.