Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Esquire Club

Since I can't mention it too many times, my sister Amy found out that she passed the bar yesterday - yay!
Of course, this called for a celebration so we headed to one of our favorite bars - Cornwall's in Kenmore Square for some celebratory drinks.
Here's Amy reveling in her new status:

She pauses to reflect on the life experiences that brought her to this point in life...just kidding! She models a thoughtful, "lawyer-like" pose and inspires her roommate Pete to do the same:
In a recurring theme, Alabama Slammers (blech!) are ordered to celebrate - thankfully, I passed on this round:
We took time for a classic sisters shot - it never gets old! I am obviously in the role of proud older sister:
Amy and Jen pose for their imaginary billboard to advertise their new legal partnership - Amy fails to hold a serious legal face:
A group shot of everyone present who just passed the bar - needless to say, with Andrew included, lawyers outnumbered "civilians" at our table:

Always a plus for Cornwalls - the bartenders appeared unfazed by the constant shouts of "Esquires!" and "We passed the Bar!" but were diligent in supplying the table with drinks.
Congratulations to everyone who just passed the Mass Bar!

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