Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Live Event Painting

So because of recent house hunting developments - of which, I hope to have more news to share
soon - I've turned my attention back to wedding planning.
One local Knot bride recently had a live event painter at her wedding - who even knew this service existed?
An artist visits your venue to do a pre-sketch of general details and is present during your reception to paint and fill in the details, including the bride and groom dancing. This serves a dual purpose, not only do you get a unique keepsake from your wedding but it also serves as entertainment for your guests.
Here's another example from a local artist, Gail Fitzpatrick of Live Event Paintings.
Cool concept, but considering that it costs at least around $2,500, it's way too expensive. Again, neat idea but I don't think I'm enthralled enough by it to shell out a penny over a $1,000. Not that the artist doesn't deserve to be paid for her work and skills, but I'd rather spend the money on something memorable and edible!!


Frances said...

Hi, I'm a live event painter living in FL and my prices start at $1200 (plus travel if necessary). An oil painting lasts forever - wouldn't you rather spend money on something that you and your friends will enjoy long after the wedding is over?
Please visit for more info.

bcallegra said...

I see your point but like everything with wedding planning, it all depends on the personality of the couple. I think live event painting is a great idea for couples who can afford it for their wedding. For someone like me, who blogs about food, I would much prefer to spend my money by splurging on food and other entertainment options that reflect our tastes.

Tara said...

Thanks for posting this. I've seen Gail's website and have wondered about the price. It would be totally awesome to have a painting of a scene from your wedding to hang on your wall. Not sure if it's one- month's-salary-awesome though.

bcallegra said...

Tara - I agree that it's a cool idea and I would personally love to see it in action in a wedding, just not sure if I could afford it myself. From Frances' comment, it looks like there's a range of prices, and my own mention of a price was based on a bride's comment on The Knot boards. I think anyone seriously interested in Live Event painting would do best contacting Gail, Frances or another painter to learn first hand what the price range and options are. And then let me know how it goes! :)