Friday, October 9, 2009

One Year From Today...

Andrew and I will be getting married in the middle of a beautiful New England Fall.

As I was warned, time has flown by since we first got engaged! Now that we've hit the year mark, I feel like it's really time for me to get cracking on this whole wedding planning process.

But before the craziness and the stress of house hunting and wedding planning over takes me again, I promise to take a few moments to enjoy what's happening around me now. It's my favorite season, the trees are exploding into a variety of glorious colors and the air is crisp and smells like fall.

Most importantly, I'm blessed to already have started planning my future with someone that I love so much, I honestly look at him every day and think how much fuller my life is with him in it. Plus, he's the only one that will kiss me after coughing my lungs up!

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