Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I'm sick and I'm miserable!

It started with a sore throat on Monday.

On Tuesday, I made my way into work but ended up sneezing and blowing my nose every five minutes. After getting the stink eye from my coworkers and getting the impression that they were calling me "Typhoid Mary" on office IM...

...I decided to work from home for the rest of the day, which was a good decision since I started feeling progressively worse. Worst of all, I lost my sense of taste last night so I've been unable to "enjoy" anything I'm eating.

I'm now in the coughing phase of my cold, and decided to take today off from work so I can wallow in how crappy I'm feeling. With breathing comfortably and eating taken away from me, the only thing I have left to enjoy is daytime television and napping. Thank you for joining me in my pity party. :)


CHicks said...

Take it easy and get well soon!!

Underoo Elf said...

Feel better! While it sounds gross, TheraFlu (the apple cinnamon flavor) is great for sickness/plague/pestilence.

While I am sure that Andrew will be waiting on you hand and foot, let me know if there is anything you need!

ats150 said...

now i'm sick too!

bcallegra said...

That's what they mean by saying "for better or for worse" - that means we share everything, including illnesses!

But I am sorry for getting you sick!

CHicks and Underoo Elf - thank you for the well wishes. I'm feeling almost normal today but Andrew is now the one that is sick! :)