Sunday, October 18, 2009

Andrew's Birthday Celebration

Friday was a busy night for us, with Andrew's birthday to celebrate and a friend visiting from out of town.

First stop was Amy, Phu and Pete's place, where we cut into an excellent ice cream cake from Cabot's (the writing wasn't too pretty, but I watched the man pipe the frosting in front of me and I give him an "A" for effort) - the cake itself consisted of Heath bar ice cream, Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream, gold cake, chocolate crunchies and whipped cream frosting:

Here's the birthday boy himself with his friend Pete visiting from Philly:

Jen was also out to help us celebrate, wearing (ahem) the lovely cardigan that was a birthday gift from me :)

Our first stop was Bleacher Bar, which is built into the side of Fenway:

Bleacher bar's claim to fame is a large window (just to the right of us in the picture) that looks out into the outfield of Fenway, which must be awesome during games. Unfortunately for us, the field lights were off that night:
At Jen's suggestion, we raised our spirits with a round of Alabama Slammers in toast of Andrew's birthday:

That's Andrew's expression after choking the very sweet shot down:
A few of us ordered food, and found the food to be mediocre. However, their homemade potato chips and pretzel sticks were pretty good:
Amy's club sandwich was gigantic - despite her evident glee in the picture, she wasn't a big fan of the sandwich:

We all had a good time introducing Pete (a Phillies fan) to the Fenway area:
Another odd feature of the Bleacher Bar is the fact that the men's room has a window that looks out into the rest of the restaurant. It was designed that way so men at the urinals would be facing the large window that looks out to Fenway. What it ends up being is a creepy, TMI look at men's faces when they are peeing. Case and point, Phu - who also, believe it or not, ended up mooning us through the window. I refused to take a picture in the hopes that it wouldn't call attention to him, and by some miracle, no one but our table noticed:
Andrew also mugged for the camera:

Next stop was Boston Beerworks. After hearing Amy promise to make him a scarf, Andrew decided to try on the scarf she made me to see how it would fit:
Our group was split between Boston Beerwork's blueberry and pumpkin beers but everyone seem satisfied with our choices:
We ended the night at Cornwalls, but alas, this blogger was much too tired at that point to take pictures. Needless to say, we all had a great time helping Andrew ring in his 28th year.

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Underoo Elf said...

Friday night was hilarious! I can't say that I'm too upset that you didn't manage to get any shots of my extremely poor pool playing though :)