Friday, October 9, 2009

Outbreak Monkeys

I had to laugh when Andrew's sister Amanda lovingly called us "outbreak monkeys" last night in an email:

She was acknowledging the reasoning of our decision to bail on our weekeend visit with her.

Andrew ended up catching the same bug that had been bothering me earlier in the week. It hit quickly and it hit hard. Poor Andrew is roughly two days behind me in sickness cycle. This was the final factor that caused us to cancel our trip to NYC this weekend. While I was EXTREMELY disappointed that Millionaire had cancelled our show taping and audition session days earlier, in the end, it worked out for the best since I doubt Andrew and I would've appeared stunning on tape with chafed, red noses and phlegmy voices - gross but true!

The two of us outbreak monkeys are going to hunker down for the weekend and nurse ourselves back to good health. The good news is that I'm feeling almost back to normal, which I hope means Andrew will be back to normal on Sunday in time for even more open houses.

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