Sunday, August 9, 2009

Visiting Louisiana Through Tupelo

Since Andrew and I missed out on trying out Tupelo in our last visit to Inman Square (in case you didn't know, it's closed Mondays), we rounded up some of the usual gang for dinner on Friday:

Amy, Jen and Phu enjoyed some classic southern beers, including Abita's Purple Haze:

In the shot, you can see some of the delicious cornbread and butter that comes free with dinner. We went a little crazy with appetizers and ordered fried oysters off the regular menu, fried grits (with Frank's Red Hot sauce) off the specials menu:
The final appetizer was the steamed mussels with chunks of andouille sausage and whopping piece of bread to mop up the juices, very yummy:

Then it was onto the entrees - I like Tupelo's menu simply because the fact that it is pretty small in size, but each option sounds more delicious than the next!
Oddly enough, all the girls at the table (including me) went with the Daube of Beef with hominy mashed potatoes, roasted corn salsa and creole horseradish cream - I can't even begin to describe how flavorful and tender this meat was - you could literally take hunks off of it with just a fork, no knife needed! The boys ended up stealing meat from our plates:

Andrew was in the mood for seafood, so he chose the fried trout special - he ate every bite of this dish and said the crispy skin was his favorite part:

Phu went with the classic New Orleans Gumbo - the bowl it arrived in was massive:
Despite an impressive dessert menu, including options such as pecan pie, coconut cream pie and red velvet cake, Jen was the only one ordered dessert at Tupelo - thankfully, she was kind enough to let us all have a taste:
The rest of us opted for ice cream at Christina's - although, I can't figure out how we had the room for dessert after all the food we ate!
And a word of caution, Tupelo is in a fairly small space so there's always a line. By the time we left, close to 10 pm, there were still people waiting at the door.

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