Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner Dress?

It seems a little ridiculous to be thinking of outfits for a wedding that is still 14 months away, but it's hard to resist, especially if you're seeking to justify something that is ridiculously expensive like this dress (as in, it's worth spending that much money on an outfit that you will be wearing for a special occasion):

BCBGMAXAZARIA Strapless Aplique Dress

If I end up sticking with the dress that I bought from the Running of the Brides, this dress would end up costing almost as much as my wedding dress! I just love the color and flora appliques. I'm seriously thinking about getting it and subsidizing half the cost from the cash back balance I currently have on my credit card. That way, it would only be a $200 dress in my head. :)

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