Friday, August 21, 2009

Last Minute Advice

Just saw this email in my inbox for today' Running of the Brides sale at Filene's Basement:

Thursday night
· Drink lots of water
· Get a good night’s sleep

Friday morning, before you leave the house
· Food is fuel--have a good breakfast
· Dress in a sports bra and bike shorts, leotard or bathing suit
· Leave your handbag behind; you want as little as possible to keep track of
· Don’t wear make-up—it might rub off on the dresses
· No jewelry; last year a bride-to-be lost her engagement ring when it got caught on a lacy dress.
Best time to arrive at the store Friday morning

If you want to be part of the ‘rush to the racks’ then you should be there by 6:30am; the line will form at the Boylston St. entrance to the Hynes
Or, arrive later (anytime after 11:00am) when things have calmed down and you can peruse the racks at your own pace

At the sale

Be considerate and play fair; please, please, please don’t horde dresses; grab what you can, go through the dresses quickly and give up what you don’t want so other brides can get started.
Be open-minded --try on whatever comes your way; if you focus to much on a specific style or label, you might just miss the dress of your dreams
Remember, gowns usually run small; don’t even look at size tags. Just eyeball the dress and if it’s close to your size, try it on. There will be experts on alterations and cleaning there to advise you
Take a break if you get tired and cranky; grab some water
Take pictures and have fun! These memories will last a lifetime.

As I'll be missing the initial "rush to the racks", I'm hoping that I'm able to score a dressing room there as my idea of fun is not trying on wedding dresses over a sports bra in the aisles as hundreds of strangers watch. Yuck.

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