Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pillsbury simply... Cookies Giveaway!

Not surprisingly, I have a bit of a rep amongst my friends, family and coworkers for being a baker.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, I really do love trying out new recipes and pushing baked goods on people.

For that one percent of the time where it's too hot or I'm tired and I feel forced to bake for an occasion, I like to have a few tricks up my sleeve.

That's why I was thrilled at the chance to try Pillsbury's simply... cookies line courtesy of They come in two classic flavors, chocolate chip and peanut butter and are made from the same basic ingredients I would use when making cookies from scratch with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Best of all, on those days where I'm need something quick without making a mess, I can just pop
the cookies on my Silpat and they're ready to eat in ten minutes!

This is what the cookies look like uncooked:

Picture courtesy of since my pictures didn't come out well.

I'm pleased to offer my first modest giveaway! Pillsbury has offered a coupon for a free package of simply... refrigerated cookies, a ceramic cookie jar and a canvas grocery tote:

To enter, just leave a comment below on what flavor you would try and who would you give the cookies to (Would you eat them all yourself? Bring them into work? Cheer up a friend?) I'll pick a winner at random on Monday night (why Monday? It's my birthday and I'll be back from a weekend trip in NYC) Good luck everyone!


CR said...

I want free cookies!

spongeamy said...

COOKIES!! i think i lost the free give-away already.