Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Birthday Dinner At Burtons - Year 2

Today is Jen's birthday (she's a fellow Virgo) but we actually celebrated the big occasion on Saturday at Burtons Grill in Boston (you may recall that we did the same last year).  With the same cast of characters (Birthday girl Jen, her brother Bryan, Amy (our college roommate), Andrew and myself), we also had some new additions in the form of Bryan's girlfriend Leigh, Jen's friend Nate, one of our college friends Rosie and Aline.

It was clear that the birthday girl was having a good time, whether it was due to good company like Amy to her left, Nate to her right or me facing her (ha!), or I suspect, Burtons strong and delicious drinks like the spiked lemonade martini she was enjoying. I had a delicious mixed berry mojito, but alas, sucked it down too quickly without getting a picture.

I hadn't seen Bryan in ages, and the kid always manage to switch up his look (hair length and facial hair) each time I see him. He and Leigh made a cute couple and were both very knowledgeable about espresso, having met at work at Peet's Coffee & Tea.

Aline wasn't quite in the picture taking mood so I ended up getting an "I'm not in the mood for paparazzi" shot instead.

Two and a half hours flew by and I highly recommend Burtons for a good time with friends (and delicious drinks) as long as the Red Sox are out of town, since it's within spitting distance of Fenway.  And best of all, located next to a BerryLine location!


Jen said...

Thank you guys for coming out and celebrating - it was one of my best birthdays ever! I always feel very honored that I have my own tag on here, so don't make friends with any other Jens :)

Here's to another 12 years of birthday celebrations ... and yes, we are getting old!

bcallegra said...