Monday, August 1, 2011

Look For Us On Your Nearest Newsstand

Apologies to anyone that has heard me gush about this in real life or Facebook, but I just couldn't resist sharing our good news with my online readers - Andrew and I made it into The Knot Boston magazine! We're in the Fall/Winter issue that just hit newsstands at the end of June. It was tough keeping the news a secret since we were notified way back at the end of January that we had been selected by the magazine.  The Knot doesn't really share much information other than what issue you'll appear in and when it will be published.  They had full access to our wonderful photos from Ciras Photography, and the only clue I had about what pictures they would work with was the fact that they requested around 12 pictures from Heather at Ciras. Beyond that, no guarantees on what pictures they would use and how many they would use.  I also filled out a seven page questionnaire (seven pages without my answers filled in) that quizzed me on every detail of my wedding.  All that work resulted in this humble page:

Picture courtesy of Ciras Photograpy

I'll admit to having a bit of Bridezilla attitude and being disappointed that we got just one page of coverage - I know, I know, I should just be pleased we made it in. And I am, when we first got the news, I did one of my patented happy dances in front of Andrew (think a cross between a jerky jig/hopping around).  It's just a little sad to see our lone page linger at the end of the Real Weddings when compared to some of the multi-page spreads in the issue.  But that's when I take a deep breathe, tell myself to snap out of it and feel extremely excited that we were one of the "14 Perfect Real Weddings" (according to the magazine cover) that made it in.

The reason I waited to share our good news is that I was waiting for our pictures to appear online at the Knot website.  I had my fingers crossed that some more of our pictures would appear on it (especially my bouquet, I could stare at a picture of that forever) and my constant stalking of the site was finally rewarded at the end of July when all of a sudden, there we were! Officially a "Knot Pick" and available in the Real Weddings section, woohoo!

You can see it for yourself here, but you won't be able to view the slide show unless you're a registered member of The Knot.

It's really cool to think that there are brides out there that will be scanning the Real Weddings (like I used to when I was in the midst of wedding planning craziness) and be inspired by something they see in the pictures of our vibrant, fun, and slightly quirky wedding.

And as I keep promising everyone, that's it. No more wedding talk as Andrew and I approach ten months of marriage.  The wedding has been celebrated in many wonderful ways and with this final hurrah, we now have another great keepsake of the day to share with our kids one day. 

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