Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boxer Overload

I'll preface this by saying this is not a dog blog, but I couldn't resist a post devoted to some dogs we saw on Sunday.

Andrew's family grew up with two boxers so he's got built in boxer radar whenever we're in public.  At the Timberman Ironman, we immediately spotted a pair of boxers and got a kick out of watching them play on the beach.

Then we hit the jackpot once we ended up at a table underneath a tent to escape the heat.  The French (?) family seated next to us had the sweetest female boxer.

She was prowling next to me underneath the table and remained calm, even when six different sets of kids' arms were coming at her. She stood docilely as a toddler approached her and awkwardly petted her on the side.

She remained calm even when the other set of boxers entered the tent and started barking at her. She coolly eyed them and remained at her family's side. Later, she got laughs out of us as she kept sprawling out on the ground in the most awkward positions - if you look closely, you can see her chilling with one leg resting on the leash.
Just a few moments of entertainment during a very long day!

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