Monday, August 8, 2011

Hiking In The Blue Hills

Thanks to my good friend Rosie, I learned a quick and easy hike in the Blue Hills that's conveniently located right off Route 138, close to 128.  I went hiking with Rosie and Breena back in June, and then had the opportunity to take my parents on the same trail, this time with a camera to capture our journey.

From the parking lot by the Trailside Museum, it was fairly easy to follow the red dots on trees and rocks to make sure we stayed on the trail.

A view of my parents ahead of me on the trail - my mom is rocking my BC 2001 National Hockey Champions shirt while my dad is predicably wearing a shirt (in this case, Liberty Fest) from a past open base event (I think this one is from Taegu, Korea):

Waiting for us at the summit is Eliot Tower (as it's marked on the map)

From what I could find online, it was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s as an observation tower. Although it's described as falling slightly into disrepair, it still has nice seating areas scattered throughout, and most importantly, a sturdy stone stairwell that lead to the top of the tower:

The view from the top is spectacular and well worth the roughly 30 - 45 minute hike up, as my parents can attest to:

You've got Boston in the distance (it was one of the days this summer where it was overcast with scattered thunderstorms, hence the fog and haze you can see in this picture)

And from another side, what I believe is Houghtons Pond

The hike down is less rocky (and even has a paved road intersecting it), although we got hit by a heavy rain shower near the bottom and ended up making a run for the car. As we only got to explore one tiny section of the Blue Hills Reservation, I look forward to exploring more sections of it, especially the observatory which seems fairly close to Eliot Tower.

I have to add - there is plenty of free parking next to the Trailside museum; a few free outdoor animal exhibits that will excite kids of all ages (Rosie, Breena and I were also enthralled), and the trail seems very dog-friendly as we've run into several dogs on the trail or at Eliot Tower.


Ms. Camille said...

I can't believe that your parents live here now! I can't wait for my next trip to visit so we can catch up!

bcallegra said...

Yup, they're here and currently our roommates! I'll interpret your comment to read that you're eager to visit and have my mom cook for you! :)

Ms. Camille said...

uh..I'd never say that! I mean, I wouldn't turn down some yakisoba or anything...or kimchi...I mean, if she's cooking...