Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Afternoon In Gloucester

Earlier this summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to continue what I hope becomes an annual tradition - a catered meal at a work function in Gloucester.

Look at this spread!

Um, heck yeah is that filet mignon, lobster tails and shrimp...

Some nice roast veggies and (slightly out of place to me but good nonetheless) a cold Asian noodle salad

Spectacular views of the water and a multi-layer deck...

Like the smart, hungry, anti-social person that I am, I parked myself near the food table with a few favorite coworkers.  I needed no urging to dive into my plate with a Wachusett Blueberry beer to wash it all down.

The view from my seat on the upper deck, with the lanterns waiting to be lit once the sun set

The perfect ending to a heavy meal, fresh fruit with a creme anglaise sauce
And yes, I used my excuse of being a newlywed (still true in the amount of time I've been married and in my intent to get home to Andrew) to be the first to leave after spending four decadent hours in Gloucester.

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