Monday, August 15, 2011

Pats Pre-Season Game At Gilette Stadium

Last Thursday, Amy, Phu, Andrew and I scored free tickets to the Patriots pre-season game against the Jaguars. Amy and I both had to work on the later side.  However, this ended up working in our favor because we missed most of the pre-game traffic.  We scored a (paid) parking spot near the stadium and I was very impressed by the marked pedestrian paths the guide spectators to Gillette. The purple line led us from our parking lot directly to the stadium (around a ten minute walk).

We made it to our seats in the middle of the first quarter, not too shabby. The Pats were down 0-6 but it would be the last time they were down all night!

I'm not the world's biggest football fan but I was still thrilled with our seats in the end zone - the picture doesn't give you good perspective but I felt we were pretty close to the action on the field.

What the heck is this picture of? I was amused by Pat the Patriots ginormous mascot head, and the fact that his fake tricorn hat had just popped up next to a group of people dressed as patriots, wearing tricorn hats of their own.

Speaking of this group of patriots (there were actually two groups, one at each end zone), they provided the most entertainment for me.  You see, each time the Patriots (uppercase "P" denoting the football team) scored a touchdown or field goal, the muskets would go up:

A loud boom would commence - which would startle me every time, even when I knew it was coming:

The aftermath? Tons of smoke. Plus, this picture makes me laugh because of the fan's arm/hand gestures.

We enjoyed the perfect summer weather and a full moon

And good company. Although Phu would shush all of us when the cheerleaders hit the field.
It was a lot of fun and the Pats were up by a gazillion points by the end of the third quarter, so we left with most of the stadium. Full confession though, I think only free tickets would induce me to go out on a work night again, I was really tired on Friday morning. Lame, I know!

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