Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Fruit Coffee Cake

Sometimes, when life hands you a bunch of ripe fruit (in my case, raspberries and blueberries nearing their expiration date plus some sliced strawberries and a nectarine for good measure):

It's time to whip up a summer fruit coffee cake. Why coffee cake?

Because I wanted a crisp, crumby topping.
This is where, dear readers, I admit to leading you on. I've misplaced the recipe for this coffee cake (found on a random Google search). To be truthful, I'd share it so you would not make the same cake as me. It ended up being slightly too sweet for my liking, took FOREVER to bake because of all the fruit I stuffed in it, and had way too much butter in the topping. I wanted soft crumbs on top, not a hard crust of sugar. It did taste good but just wasn't perfect, it felt more like a cobbler that needed to be topped with vanilla ice cream.

So let this be an inspiration to you to find your own summer fruit cake recipe and get baking, pronto!

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